Swedish language courses

Our courses in Swedish are dedicated to developing skills in the language and target students with a mother tongue other than Swedish.

We have courses for those who need qualification in Swedish (see prior education level below) and for those who are already qualified, but want to develop their Swedish (see basic level below). Courses at the basic level are offered in oral and written composition and the structure of the Swedish language. We also offer Basic Swedish for exchange students and master’s students and Swedish for Academics for our employees at Uppsala University. 

The courses include written and oral composition, Swedish grammar and reading Swedish texts.

To obtain qualification in Swedish, one can also take the TISUS test with us (test in Swedish for university studies).

Our Swedish courses

We offer the following courses for students with other mother tongues than Swedish:

At our department you can take the TISUS-test (Test In Swedish for University Studies).

  • More information about TISUS



Introduktionskurs i svenska för studerande med utländsk förutbildning

Förberedande/Behörighetsgivande kurser i svenska

Svenska för utbytesstudenter och masterstudenter

Basic Swedish


Svenska för studenter med annat modersmål än svenska (30 hp)

Svenska för medarbetare och stipendiater

Swedish for Academics

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