Department of Scandinavian Languages

The Rune Cast: a runology podcast

Responsible researcher: Maja Bäckvall
Funding agency: Riksbankens jubileumsfond
Project time: Autumn term 2018


Maja i Sparlösa
Maja and the Sparlösa runestone

This project is a podcast in English about runology, aiming to disseminate research based knowledge about runes and runic inscriptions. There is a widespread international interest in runes, which brings with it many misconceptions and strange ideas. Neo-Nazis appropriate runes for their dangerous cause, while the equivalent of the letter F is sold on amulets said to bring wealth.

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Planned episodes

  1. 27 July: The basics of runology and the origins of runic writing
  2. 10 August: The oldest inscriptions: stones, spears, and bracteates
  3. 24 August: Projecting power: The Jelling stones
  4. 7 September: Smoke and mirrors: The Rök stone riddle
  5. 21 September: Medieval texting: The Bergen rune sticks
  6. 5 October: Fair use? The Ramsund and Gök inscriptions
  7. 19 October: Magic runes? Runic amulets and rune names
  8. 2 November: Modern uses and abuses of runes
  9. 16 November: The Kensington stone and other American runes
  10. 30 November: Weird runes – the non-lexical and encrypted
  11. 14 December: Wrapping up