Swedish/Scandinavian Languages 2022/2023

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Swedish/Scandinavian Languages

List of courses in Swedish/Scandinavian Languages.

About the Subject

The study of the Swedish Language and other Scandinavian Languages includes a wide range of research fields: from conversation analysis to rune studies, from language and gender to onomastics and dialectology. Also other Scandinavian languages are part of the course curriculum.

In the first-cycle courses of The Swedish Language and Scandinavian Languages you acquire knowledge of Swedish grammar, the impact of the Swedish language in society, and its history. The Swedish Language profile has courses in Text Analysis and in Writing and Speech. You develop good communicative skills. In The Scandinavian Languages profile you acquire knowledge of Danish, Icelandic and Norwegian.

Alongside the regular A-C course track, we offer courses for specific purposes, for example Professional Writing.

The Department of Scandinavian Languages has a Master's programme in Swedish and a postgraduate education with doctoral courses.