Basic Swedish

Basic Swedish 1–4 are language courses in Swedish for exchange students and international Bachelor's and Master's students at Uppsala University. The courses are for beginners and those with some prior knowledge of Swedish. The aim is to provide the students with basic knowledge of the Swedish language as well as Swedish culture and society.

The Department of Scandinavian Languages offers courses in Basic Swedish both in Uppsala and in Visby.

We have a few places left for Basic Swedish 1–4 in Uppsala. If you are an exchange student/international Master's or Bachelor's student at Uppsala University, and want to learn Swedish during the spring semester 2020, don't hesitate to contact!

In Uppsala, Basic Swedish 1 and 2 are offered every semester. Basic Swedish 3 and 4 are offered most semesters, depending on the amount of applications to these levels. During the semesters, the courses run part-time twice a week. In August, we offer Basic Swedish 1 as an intensive course for beginners, with teaching sessions every weekday during approximately one month.

We also offer Basic Swedish courses in Visby, for the international students at Campus Gotland. The availability of courses in Visby may vary depending on the number of students interested in the different levels each semester.

The courses have a tuition fee for students that are liable for fees. These students can apply to audit the course free of charge, but will not get registered to the course or receive credits. The courses are free of charge for students that are not liable for tuition fees.

Application to the courses are open during certain periods before each semester. Exchange students apply when they choose their other courses. Bachelor's and Master's students in Uppsala apply here (open from December 2, 2019 until January 20, 2020).

About the courses

Basic Swedish is a language course for exchange students and international Bachelor's and Master's students at Uppsala University. All students attending the university as part of an exchange programme can join this course if they apply before deadline. Other international students can apply, however, there are usually a limited number of places available.

The Department of Scandinavian Languages also offers a course called Swedish for Academics, for employees and scholars (not students at the bachelor and Master's levels) at Uppsala University.

Each course consists of 46 hours of instruction and runs part time twice a week in the late afternoon or evening. Registered students who pass the final exam will receive academic credits. Exchange students apply and register for the course through their coordinator, and international Bachelor's and Master's students apply through an online form.

Application and Contact


Master's students in Uppsala can apply here from December 2, 2019 until January 20, 2020.


If you have any questions about Basic Swedish, first check the FAQ. If you cannot find the answer to your question, send an email to:

Basic Swedish is hosted by the Department of Scandinavian languages:

  • Visiting address: Dept. of Scandinavian Languages, Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3L, house 16, 2nd floor.
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Other courses

The Department of Scandinavian Languages offers a new course for people with basic knowledge of Swedish (A2 level according to the CERF scale). The course is particularly for those aiming for academic studies in Sweden: Introductory Course to Swedish as a Foreign Language.

We also offer courses in Swedish for employees and scholars (not students at bachelor and master level) at Uppsala University: Swedish for Academics. The course “Swedish for Academics” is equivalent to Basic Swedish.

SFI-courses (Svenska för invandrare) are available for all foreigners with a full Swedish p-number, i.e. with four ending digits. Navet's website contains all the necessary contacs regarding SFI (in Swedish).