Basic Swedish

Are you an international student or an exchange student at Uppsala University? Welcome to the Department of Scandinavian Languages, and to our courses in Basic Swedish!

Basic Swedish 1–4 are language courses in Swedish for exchange students and international Bachelor's and Master's students at Uppsala University. We have courses for beginners as well as for those with some prior knowledge of Swedish. The aim is to provide the students with basic knowledge of the Swedish language and of Swedish culture and society.

We offer Basic Swedish courses both in Uppsala and in Visby. In Uppsala, Basic Swedish 1 and 2 are offered every semester. Basic Swedish 3 and 4 are offered most semesters, depending on the amount of applications to these levels. In Visby, the availability of courses may vary depending on the number of students interested in the different levels each semester.

Application to the courses is open during certain periods before each semester. The dates and application processes varies depending on your student category and on which campus town you belong to.

The courses have a tuition fee for students that are liable for fees. These students can apply to audit the course free of charge, but will not get registered to the course or receive credits. The courses are free of charge for students that are not liable for tuition fees.

Our courses

Learn more about the course contents of Basic Swedish:

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Are you not a student at Uppsala University, or did you not get a place on this semester's Basic Swedish course? SFI (Swedish for Immigrants; Svenska för invandrare) might be an option for you. Find out more about SFI, and check if you fulifil the requirements for it, on the website of the Municipality of Uppsala.



Basic Swedish is hosted by the Department of Scandinavian languages:

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