Basic Swedish – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Table of contents:

General Information

Who arranges the courses?

The courses are held by the Department of Scandinavian Languages.

How many credits do I get if I pass?

One Basic Swedish course is worth 7.5 Swedish credits, which equals 25% of a full time semester. Fee-paying students can attend the course without paying any fee, but will not get credits for the course.


Who can apply to Basic Swedish?

You can apply for the courses if you are registered to other courses or programmes at Uppsala University. Both exchange students and international Bachelor's and Master's students can apply. For PhD students and other employees at Uppsala University, we have the courses Swedish for Academics.

How do I apply?

  • Exchange students: the course must be added in the course selection, together with the other course choices.
  • Bachelor's and Master's students: You'll find a form for application on our website. Please note that the application only is open during certain times before the course starts.

Is there an entrance test for new students and what is it like?

There is an entrance test for new students with prior knowledge of Swedish. The test consists of a number of different parts: text with blanks, grammar, reading comprehension, and written proficiency. This test is not for beginners. Students who have already passed a  Basic Swedish course at Uppsala University should not attend this test if they apply for a second course.

What is the "Swedish personal identity number" or "temporary personal identity number" that is asked for in the application form?

When you get admitted to a Bachelor's or Master's programme, or to exchange studies, at Uppsala University, you will be given a temporary personal identity number (consisting of your birth date followed by the letter T and three digits: YYMMDD-TXXX). We need this for admission and registration. Bachelor's and Master's students will find it in their account on Exchange students will find it in their letter of admissions. If you have a Swedish personal identity number (YYMMDD-XXXX), apply with that. If you have problems finding your (temporary) personal identity number, you can apply with your birth date, and e-mail your personal identity number to once you have got it.

Am I guaranteed a place in a group if I apply before deadline?

Unfortunately not. The number of places is limited, and priority is given to new exchange students. Master's students and other international students are accepted if there are vacant places.

Do you have a reserve list, if students drop the course?

Yes, new students can be accepted if there are vacant places during the first two weeks of the course.

Can I continue to take a class the second semester I am here?

Yes, if there is place available, you can continue with a second course.

Can I just sit-in, if I’m not accepted to the course?

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to accommodate non-admitted students.

Classes & Attendance

What happens if I do not show up during the first lessons?

If you do not show up when the course starts, you might lose your place in the course and it can be offered to another student. If you have timetable clashes, excursions etc. during the first week of the course but still want to keep your place, contact the Basic Swedish coordinator and explain this in order to keep your place.

Whom should I inform if I have to be absent during the course?

Contact your teacher by mail, if you have an unplanned absence. If there is a planned absence, e.g. excursions, tell your teacher in advance when you have a lesson.

Can I switch groups?

If you want to switch group already before course start, you have to find a student in another group to switch with. You then inform both teachers involved. If you want to switch after some weeks, you ask your teacher to find out if there are vacant places in another group or if there is a student who would like to switch with you.

What do I have to do if I want to drop the course?

Tell your teacher and the Basic Swedish administration that you have decided to drop the course. Also, make sure to either discontinue the course in My Ladok, or ask the course administrator to discontinue the course for you.

Can I apply to the course another semester, if I drop it this semester?

If you drop the course during the first three weeks, you can add an early discontinuation of the course in Ladok. This means that you have the possibility to apply for the course again for another semester in the normal way. If you drop the course later, you can also add a discontinuation in Ladok, but you will not be able to apply again the normal way. Instead, you can ask to get re-registered another semester. You can only get re-registered if there is place available.

Examination & results

What are the exams like?

You will get information about the exams in the beginning of the course.

Can I have my exam papers?

Unfortunately not, but you always have the right to see your exams and go through them with your teacher. The exams are stored at the department for two years.

Do I get grades?

Only the grades Pass (= godkänd) and Fail (= underkänd) are given. This is specified in the course syllabus. The courses cannot be graded according to any other university's system.

What happens if I do not pass the exam?

You can retake when we have the next scheduled exam. Usually, we have two exams at the end of each semester. If you want to retake, please contact the study administration.

Can I sit the exam at my home university?

Unfortunately not.

What information will my home university get?

Students' results are registered in the student register, Ladok. When you leave Uppsala University, you can take out a transcript of records, and provide it to your home university.

Can I have a special certificate with detailed in formation about my results, passed or failed?

Yes, you can. Ask the Basic Swedish coordinator to issue a special certificate for you. In this, information about how you scored will be included. With this certificate, you can for example show your home university if you passed one exam but failed another. Also, your home university can decide if they can convert the Swedish results into local grading.

Can I have a certificate issued according to the grading system of my home university?

Unfortunately not.

Can I have a certificate of attendance only?

Yes, ask your teacher.

How can I give my opinion about the course?

During the final lessons, a course evaluation form will be handed out to all students. This evaluation is anonymous and you can freely give your opinions about the course.

Last modified: 2022-03-03