Introductory course in Swedish, Preparatory course in Swedish and Qualifying Course in Swedish as a Foreign Language

For those with a foreign prior education who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue and do not yet have qualification in Swedish, there are three courses at different levels: Introductory course in Swedish, Preparatory course in Swedish and Qualifying course in Swedish.

The goal of the courses is to prepare you for studies at Swedish universities. The communicative ability is practised both orally and in writing. Passing results in the Qualifying course provides qualification in Swedish for higher education in Sweden.

The following qualification requirements apply:

  • Basic qualification for university in Sweden (e.g. completed foreign upper-secondary education).
  • The courses require prior knowledge of Swedish.

This prior knowledge in Swedish is tested through a compulsory entrance exam. The results determine which course you can be admitted to. If the results do not reach the level for any of the courses, you will not be admitted. If you applied and qualify, you will be called to the entrance exam.

The final exam for the Preparatory course provides qualification to the Qualifying course in Swedish.

The final exam for the Qualifying course is a test that is equivalent to the Test in Swedish for university studies, Tisus.

Important dates
  • We open for late applications to the spring semester's courses on December 13, 2019. You will be able to submit a late application until December 22, 2019, but not during December 17–18.
  • Apply on
  • The entrance exam for late applicants to the spring semester 2020 takes place in Uppsala on January 8, at 14:00–17:00.