Directions to the Department of Scandinavian Languages

The department’s visiting address is Thunbergsvägen 3L. We are in Buildings 7 and 16 in the western part of the Kemikum block, which is right behind Carolina Rediviva. Only Engelska parken is in between. The block is adjacent to the cemetery to the north, and to Botaniska trädgården to the south.

You can also search for our premises on Mazemap. Search for "Engelska parken". 


Engelska parken takes around 20 minutes to walk to from the Central Station.

For the closest bus stops are please see UL’s website


  • There are many public parking spaces nearby, such as at Campus Blåsenhus (around a 10-minute walk to Humanistcentrum through Botaniska trädgården)



The department has its office in Building 16, 2nd floor, room 16-2016a.

The group for national tests in Swedish and Swedish as a second language

The national test group is in Building 16, 2nd floor

Seminar for Nordic name research

The seminar is in Arkivcentrum, von Kraemers allé 19. It is a few minute walk through Botaniska trädgården from the department.

Last modified: 2022-01-24