If someone is discriminated against

  1. In case of you as a student or one of the staff is being discriminated against, you should confide in someone at the Department. For example it can be a teacher, the Head of the Department or the equal rights representative. It is imperative, that the one who is discriminated against expresses that the behaviour is unwanted. This can be done verbally or in writing and it does not have to be done by the one who is discriminated against. It can also be done by the Head of the Department or the equal rights representative.
  2. If discrimination is brought to attention to a member of staff, it shall immediately be reported to Head of the Department. 
  3. The Head of the Department will thereafter assess the situation and decide wether or not to start an inquiry.
  4. If a violation has been commited, action will be taken on two levels - in the subject matter and in the workplace and study environment at the department. 
  5. Before a formal complaint is made, the subject matter may be discussed with the University's legal department. A formal complaint should be handed to the Vice-chancellor.

Last modified: 2022-04-25