Scandinavian Runic-text Database

The aim of Scandinavian Runic-text Database is to collect all Scandinavian runic inscriptions digitally.

As of december 2020 the Scandinavian Runic-text Database can be accessed through the Swedish National Heritage board's interface Runor.

Visit Runor!

During the first half of 2021 the database will be updated continuosly. If you need to have a stable database for your research work we recommend you to continue with our old client Rundata that can be downloaded below.

You can download the latest versions below. For earlier versions and more information about the database, please visit Uppsala Runic Forum.


When quoting from the Scandinavian runic-text database and when linking to it always use the following URL:

By clicking OK, you accept the following terms of use for the Scandinavian Runic-text Database:

The Scandinavian Runic-text Database is copyrighted, but is made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

In addition to the conditions stated in the Open Database License we require users and developers to meet the following conditions:

  • You are free to use the database or a modified version of it in your own applications, but if you do so you must report your work to Uppsala runforum (
  • Modified versions of the database may not be called "Samnordisk runtextdatabas" or "Scandinavian runic-text Database". However, you must explicitly state that your modified database is based on the Scandinavian Runic-text database.
  • When quoting or re-using information from the Scandinavian Runic-text Database, you are required to refer to the database by naming it and linking to its web site ( on each occasion, including (but not limited to) every time information from the database is exposed in your application, web site or publication.


The Scandinavian Runic-text Database is available in four different packages. The database itself is identical in all of them. The database was last updated on January 19, 2018. Read more about the current version.

1. Installation file for Microsoft Windows (.exe)

Download installation file

Use the installation file in order to install Rundata on your own computer.

The installation file:

  • Installs Rundata on your computer
  • Creates a shortcut icon on your desktop
  • Creates a shortcut in the Start menu
  • Creates an uninstaller

Download the file and double click it. Follow the instructions on your screen.

2. Self-extracting archive (.exe)

Download the self-extracting archive

The self-extracting exe-archive copies Rundata and SRD to your harddisk or an external device. No shortcuts are created.

The self-extracting archive allows you to execute Rundata from a usb-device on any Windows computer.

3. Zip-file (.zip)

Download the zip-file

You may use the zip file if you are not able or allowed to extract exe-files on your Windows computer.

4. Database only (.zip)

Download the database's text files

Use this file in order to access the Scandinavian Runic-text Database on a non-Windows computer.

Download the file and extract it. Start Rundata by clicking rundata.exe.

Log book (pdf)

Download the log book

Pdf-file with all changes in the Scandinavian Runic-text Database 2014.