Early North European Seminar (ENES)

Early North European Seminar (ENES) is a series of seminars devoted to the discussion of all facets of culture, history, language, religion, and society in the North from ca. 500 until the 13th century or so. The seminar is open to all interested scholars and students. Talks may be given in any language, communications from the organizing committee are primarily in Swedish, but the name of the seminar intends to manifest its international scope.

The seminars are lead by one of members of the organizing committee, connected to the subject raised at the specific occasion. Afterwards, everybody is welcome to an informal gathering in the near-by lounge, where there will be something edible and liquid for the body and stimulating talk for the mind.

Organizing committee: Herman Bengtsson, Anne-Sofie Gräslund, Hans Göthberg, Agneta Ney, Lasse Mårtensson (coordinator), Heimir Pálsson, Olle Sundqvist, Veturliði  Óskarsson, Jhonny Thérus

Last modified: 2021-03-23