Guidelines for Contributors

Runrön is a scholarly series for monographs, collections and conference proceedings. Contact Henrik Williams if you are interested in publishing your work in the series. Please note that Runrön does not accept individual articles or short notices.

Here are som technical and formal guidelines for manuscripts to be published in Runrön.

File format

Submit your manuscript as an ordinary text document (e.g. rtf, doc(x) or odt).


As main font, we encourage you to choose one that covers relevant characters with diacritics, for instance Times New Roman. If you need to display phonetic symbols or other special characters, we recommend Junicode as main font. Transliterations are formated in bold style in the main font or Runlitt B Unicode (please do not use Runlitt A). For runes you must use Svante Lagman’s standard font Futhark A. Do NOT use non-Unicode fonts other than Futhark A.

Please contact us if you need a character that is available neither in the Unicode or Mufi standards nor in Runlitt B or Futhark A.

Typographical guidelines

Please apply a minimum of formatting to your manuscript. Here are some guidelines:

  • Font size: 12pt
  • Line height: 1,5
  • Headers: Use the styles for headers (Header 1, Header 2 etc.) in the standard stylesheet of your word processing program. Alternatively you may use regular size and style with a blank line before and after each header.
  • Paragraphs: Put a paragraph break before each new paragraph. Please do not use tabs or spaces for indentation.
  • Pictures, illustrations, tables etc: Do not place pictures, illustrations or tables in your document. Instead, submit them as separate files, indicating in the manuscript where we should put them. Photographs must have a resolution of at least 300ppi.
  • Use italics for terms and linguistic examples (i.e. words in the source document’s language).
  • Bold style (or Runlitt B) is reserved for runic transliterations.
  • Translations into a modern language must be put between single quotation marks.
  • Use quotation marks according to the respective language’s typographical conventions, i.e. “English”, „Deutsch‟, ”Svenska” etc.


Runrön uses a modified Harvard system. Please take a look at the latest volumes in the series.

Guidelines regarding the list of references

Monograph Last name, First name, 1990: Title. Sub title. Place. (Series 15.)
Monograph 2nd ed Last name, First name, 1990: Title. Sub title. 2nd ed./2 uppl./2. Aufl. Place. (Series 15.)
Article in journal Last name, First name, 1990: Title. In: Journal 20. Pp./S. 115–120.
Article in collection Last name, First name, 1990: Title. In: Title. Ed. by/Red. av/Hg. v. First name Last name, First name Last name & First name Last name. Place. (Series 15.) Pp./S. 115–120.
Collection Abbreviation [e.g. Festskrift x or Von Thorsberg nach Schleswig] = Title. Ed. by/Red. av/Hg. v. First name Last name, First name Last name & First name Last name. Place. (Series 15.)
Different authors Lastname, First name & Last name, First name, 1990: etc.
Websites Last name, First name, 1998: Title. http://abc.xy (2014-06-01).
Reviews Last name, First name, 1998: rec. av/review of/Rez. von Last name 1997 [if the reviewed work appears in the bibliography as well]. In: etc.

Including publisher is optional, as is using italics for book and journal titles, as long as you are consistent. The use of “ed.”, hrsg. von”, “red.” etc. depends on the language of your publication, not of the source referenced.

For articles in volumes of Runrön


We encourage you to write in your native language or in whatever language you master best, provided it is Danish, English, German, Norwegian, or Swedish.

Abstract and keywords

Please submit an abstract and keywords in English along with your manuscript (regardless of the language of the article itself). The abstract should not exceed 250 words.

Last modified: 2022-11-24