Frequently asked questions

How do I apply?

You apply to the courses by submitting an online form on our website. The application is only open during a certain period before each semester.

Am I eligible for the courses?

You are eligible for the courses if you are employed at Uppsala University.

Does the course cost anything?

No, from spring semester 2019, the courses are free of charge.

Am I guaranteed a place in a group if I apply before deadline?

No, unfortunately not. We would like to offer the course to everyone that is interested, but place is limited.

I completed Swedish for Academics 1. Am I guaranteed a place on Swedish for Academics 2?

No, a completed course gives qualification for the next course, but not a guaranteed place.

How do you decide if an applicant is accepted to the course?

The selection is done on a first come, first served basis. We also give priority to those who applied last semester without getting a place in one of the courses.

Is there an entrance test for new participants and what is it like?

There is an entrance test for new participants with prior knowledge of Swedish. The test consists of a number of different parts: text with blanks, grammar, reading comprehension and two short essays. Beginners are not tested, and students who have already passed a Swedish for Academics course (or a Basic Swedish course) at Uppsala University do not attend this test if they apply for a second course.

I took the placement test, but didn’t receive a seat. Can I “save” my result on the placement test until next semester?

If you took the placement test/diagnostic test for the spring semester 2020, you can save the result for the application for the autumn semester 2020.

I do not have a Swedish personal identity number. Can I apply?

Yes, if you are employed by Uppsala University, you can apply to Swedish for Academics. If you do not have a personal identity number yet, write your birth date instead in the application form.